Whether you're launching an organization or business and need a complete communications strategy, are looking to design and execute a special campaign or project, or need help developing individual communications tools or marketing materials, Cloud Street offers expert, efficient communications guidance and support.

Here's what we can do for you:

  • Develop and implement organization-wide or project-specific strategic communications plans to help your organization reach its full potential;
  • Design and manage campaigns that raise funds, engage and activate new and existing clients and supporters, build coalitions, and change how people think about, and behave towards, an issue;
  • Orchestrate government relations campaigns that build public support, secure the attention of elected and appointed officials, and advance causes and issues through legislative and executive action;
  • Develop, define, or refresh your brand identity to help you tell your story effectively and connect with donors, supporters, investors, and clients;
  • Translate complex public policy, research findings, or technical information into digestible language for key audiences.

Additional Services:

  • White papers
  • Print and online marketing materials
  • Website content and design development
  • Media relations
  • Speechwriting
  • Event planning
  • Social media outreach